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All orders must be placed in-store or over the phone. We're unable to process online orders, but if you leave your phone number and tell us what you're looking for we'll be glad to call you as soon as we can to help you place a phone order.


4245 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28209


Dessert-focused scratch bakery in Charlotte's Park Road Shopping Center


Shop Cakes

6" and 8" cakes available by pre-order with as little as 48 hours' notice, pending availability. Also available in-store—selection varies daily.



6" | 8 servings | $36

8" | 14 servings | $46

More sizes available as custom cakes

dessert cake flavors—

Our favorite cake, filling, and icing pairings

Vanilla Diplomat

vanilla cake | vanilla diplomat cream filling | vanilla buttercream, white sprinkle border, vanilla pearl crown

Classic Birthday

vanilla cake | fudge filling | vanilla sprinkle buttercream; ganache drip; gumball, sixlet, and sprinkle crescent


Chocolate Diplomat

chocolate cake | chocolate diplomat cream filling | chocolate buttercream, chocolate sprinkle border, chocolate pearl crown

Strawberry Chiffon

vanilla cake | diplomat + fresh strawberry filling | vanilla buttercream, chopped strawberry crown

Red Velvet

milk chocolate red velvet | cream cheese filling | vanilla buttercream icing, cake crumb border, cocoa nib crown

Peanut Butter

chocolate cake | peanut butter diplomat cream filling | peanut butter buttercream, ganache drip, chopped reese’s cups mound



carrot spice cake | cream cheese filling | cinnamon buttercream icing, candied orange peel crescent


Chocolate Mousse

chocolate cake | chocolate mousse filling | chocolate buttercream, chocolate sprinkle border, ganache drip, cocoa nib crown

Coconut Cream

vanilla cake | coconut cream filling | whipped cream icing, shredded coconut

Salted Caramel

vanilla cake, vanilla syrup | salted caramel diplomat filling | salted caramel buttercream, caramel drip, salted caramel buttercream poof crown

optional house designs—

Apply a house design to the outside of any of dessert cake

All house designs are made using vanilla buttercream icing


Available as a single color, or with an ombré fade as pictured. Top of cake matches lightest tint.


Available with your choice of base color and curl/border color


Available with white base icing and your choice of two accent colors and one metallic—either silver or gold. Gold accents include a gold pearl crown (pictured); silver accents include a silver pearl crown.


Available in any color, but we recommend mint green, sherbet orange, pastel pink, pastel blue, pale yellow, or lilac (pictured)


Available as a single color, or with an ombré fade as pictured


Available in your choice of two colors with a silver or gold pearl crown (silver pictured).

Request a shop cake—

We'll follow up to confirm availability, discuss all the details, and finalize your pre-order (or in the event we're booked, explore other options)

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Pick-up Date
48 hours' notice minimum, pending availability
Serving suggestions are estimates. When in doubt, we recommend a larger size—better to have more cake than not enough
We'll discuss details like color(s) when completing your pre-order. Note: All house designs are made with vanilla buttercream
Delivery Address // Optional
Delivery Address // Optional
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